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What are picture windows?

Picture windows, also known as fixed windows, offer expansive views and abundant natural light. They are inoperable windows, meaning they do not open. Picture windows are versatile and can be used alone or in combination with other window styles to create an eye-catching focal point. Customize your picture window by choosing from a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Use picture windows alone or in combination with other window styles to maximize the view and improve ventilation. Our vinyl picture windows offer lots of natural light and add a sense of wonerment to your home.

Are picture windows out of style?

Picutre windows will likely never go out of style. Its clean design is always at the top of fashion. Glass in these windows is extremely efficient. Windows without window bars offer maximum visual clarity and lightfiltration. This is a style that was primarily seen in the 70s. Think of 1970s-style homes with large windows in areas such as the foyer, living room, and even the bedroom.

Even though this style was popular during this decade, it still works for today’s modern homes. This is especially the case for ultra-contemporary homes that feature large windows—and even walls of windows—at every turn.

Large windows without obstruction, such as our picture windows, are the perfect way to filter additional natural light into the home. It’s the perfect timeless trend for a happier, brighter space.

Why choose picture windows?

Picture windows give you a clear view of the sun and abundant daylight. These are versatile and can be used either alone or together to create stunning focal points. Combine pictures with windows of different sizes to create an expansive viewing area for viewers. Bring ventilation to the room using picture windows with operable windows. Fixable windows are perfect for difficult areas in which open windows are difficult.

Picture windows are extremely energy efficient given that they do not open and close. Also highly efficient are windows with dual- and triple-pane glass as they improve insulating properties and help reduce thermal transfer.

When should you use a picture window?

Picture windows do not operate, so they are common in areas that are out of reach. They add natural light and increase curb appeal in places where you don’t need the window to ventilate, such as tall foyers and stairways.

How much is a picture window replacement?

Costs vary by location from $480 to $780 per window plus work costs. Average hourly rates will vary according to local market window installation prices.

Are picture windows right for my home?

Picture Windows can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on the personality of your home. Picture windows can denote a modern influence with shapes like trapezoids and octagons. It can highlight a focal point like a well-landscaped backyard using an oversized window in a circle or half circle. A picture window can be paired with other traditional windows to maximize function.

Windows play a role in establishing the look and feel of a home. A picture window is designed to let in the most amount of light in a space. It can create a dramatic feature for the home or an understated unobstructed view of the outdoors. At Replacement Window Center, you can work with our designers to find the best shape and size for your picture window. We design, build and install your windows so custom orders are part of what we do and we can give you lots of options!

What size is a large picture window?

Large picture windows can be up to 12′ long or 12′ in height. This is a great way you can customize your house and make it unique. A single frame can be up to 70 square feet. We have many picture window options from which to choose.

Other window styles that let the sun shine in

1. Sliding Windows

Our sliding windows are sleek and have contoured framing lines that maximize their viewing area. These have large glass panes that let a lot of light in and would look perfect in a contemporary-style home. For your convenience, our sliding windows operate on our high quality rollers. These rollers are adjustable and self-lubricating and make the windows very easy to operate.

2. Bay Windows

If you want an expansive view that makes a room look large, look no further. Bay windows provide a panoramic vista and are a combination of three or more picture, casement, or sliding windows. Three windows together allow an amazing amount of light into your home.

This type of window also adds space to the room that you can use for a window seat to enjoy the sun some more. In addition, because bay windows are composed of other window types, you can combine many different design options to make the perfect windows to let the light in.

3. Bow Windows

The bow window is composed of four, five, or six windows. Like bay windows, bow windows protrude from the house and create extra space for the room. More windows means that the room you choose to put this window in would be totally illuminated by the sun.

While bay windows have steep angles, bow windows have a softer and more sweeping look. This window type also has a very wide variety of customization choices, from the exterior and interior colors to the window types and the grilles.

4. Casement Windows

Casement windows provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Their large glass area means that your home will receive a lot of natural light. They are also great if you want to let the breeze in because they open wide and at different angles to help direct the air. These windows are also our most energy-efficient units because their unique locking system prevents energy or air from escaping once these windows are closed.

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