Argon Gas Filled Windows

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What Argon Does to Your Window

Argon is an inert, nontoxic gas—that means argon doesn’t react with anything. This argon gas creates a second layer of insulation between your panes, which helps keep your home warmer in the winter and more cool in the summer.

Architects started using argon gas not just for its insulating properties, but because it has these:

1. Argon keeps out UV rays better than air alone

2. Argon reduces sound transmission

3. Argon reduces moisture in stained glass windows

4. Argon makes window panes up to five times stronger than when filled with air alone

5. Argon can add months to the life of a window that would otherwise be damaged by condensation

6. Argon reduces heat transfer, which means it can save you on your heating bill

7. Argon gas filled windows are especially great for reducing noise if that’s an issue in your neighborhood

8. The gas fills the spaces between the window frames, which actually stops anything from entering or leaving

9. Having argon gas is just downright luxurious—because who doesn’t want a little extra pampering? Argon has this many benefits without adding much weight or interfering with the aesthetic of your windows.

We offer three levels of argon gas:

1. Low 2. Medium 3. High

Low = 5% Argon/95% air Medium = 50% Argon/50% air High = 85% Argon/15% air. 

It can be infused in any size or type of windowpatio doorsdouble hung windowspicture windows, or casement windows are all fair game. Awning windows with argon gas fills are particularly useful for blocking ultraviolet rays.

You might hear folks call these kinds of windows “gas fills” or “thermal windows.” It’s better living through science—and we’re hoping this article breaks down why.

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