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Floor to ceiling windows, often called window walls, make a dramatic statement. From various upgrades to add in a house, floor to ceiling windows are among the most impressive. Having these windows will quickly transform any room. They are large, allowing alot of natural light and amazing views.

Replacement Window Center is your #1 for floor to ceiling windows as well as all other types of replacement windows.

Pros and Cons of Floor to Ceiling Windows

Installing floor to ceiling windows presents you with a set of pros and cons. Understand them before paying extra for such large glass windows.


  • More natural light (which means saving more energy)
  • More visual access to natural beauty outside
  • Improving a small house, making it look more spacious
  • Improving a regular house, making it more interesting


  • Offering less privacy than regular windows
  • Prone to vandalism, such as rock-throwing
  • More expensive in installation, glazing, and special frames
  • More difficult to clean and maintain

These windows can also heat a room more quickly, which demands more installation products to prevent extreme temperature exposure.

How Much is the Price for Floor to Ceiling Windows?

The cost of installing new windows can be difficult to figure out before you start. You might get an estimate from $700-1,600 per linear foot depending on what kind and how many glazing options are included in your order as well the frame material that is used for them all together!

To get your exact estimate, contact your nearest Replacement Window Center and we’ll provide you with a free consultation!

Inspirations for Floor to Ceiling Windows

Floor to ceiling windows provide a great way of adding style and luxury into your home. These types are becoming more popular with green-building enthusiasts, as they allow homeowners the opportunity for customizing their environment without sacrificing convenience!

1. Floor to Ceiling Windows with Curved Panels

These windows have curved glass panels on top as the ornaments. The panels have an elegant French window style. They give a perfect view of the outdoor terrace, backyard garden, and trees.

2. Full Windows with Outside View

These large windows offer a beautiful view of the small forest behind the property. The thin dark frames add edgy touch without losing elegance.

3. Floor To Ceiling Windows Open Up This Room

These big, beautiful windows make the perfect addition to any living room. The height was adjusted so they can be seen well from across the space and their white frames go great with dark wood furniture!

4. Square French Flooor To Ceiling Windows

These windows adorn a modern bedroom. The French windows pair nicely with patterned fabric and lounging chair. Placing a hat stand between two corner windows create a strong statement.

5. Window “Walls” Are Dramatic

These French windows also serve as transparent “walls”. They also allow enough natural light and warmth, perfect for a nice meal or social event.

6. Floor to Ceiling Windows With Rustic Floors

Want to enjoy the forest but refuse to get out? Install a solid metal glass panel so you can enjoy the garden. The glass panel has no other ornament, so your view is not unobstructed.

7. Ceiling to Floor Windows Can Give A Modern Look

You don’t have to miss out on the beautiful winter weather when you’re staying in your own private villa. Just make sure it’s fully equipped with ceiling-to floor windows that slide up and down, opening up for fresh air at any time of day or night!

8. Floor to Ceiling Windows Can Also Be Rustic

Ceiling to floor windows is identical to modern or contemporary design. However, these glass panels were installed in a farmhouse-style house, with rustic interior design.

9. More Modern Floor to Ceiling Windows

These floor to ceiling windows is great; providing an amazing view of a snowy area. This ice cream also wins the eyes. It pairs nicely with several sofa sets, a fireplace, and contemporary “ring” lamps.

10. Floor to Ceiling Windows That Are Not As Wide

This small dining room becomes brighter with the coming of the light. Two tall windows are equipped with curtains so you can protect their privacy.

11. Floor To Ceiling Windows Look Great in a Bedroom

This bedroom has beautiful glass windows that provide views to the garden or forest. The bedroom has a minimalistic style because the outdoor view provides enough decorative element.

12. Floor to Ceiling Windows with Fireplace

These floor to ceiling window has strong dark frames. However, the black tile around the fireplace complements the entire look. A brown sofa set and black ceiling fan create a more modern look.

13. Floor to Ceiling Window and Door

This family room has a full floor to ceiling window, providing excellent view and natural light toward this common room. The door also consists of a large glass panel.

14. Floor To Ceiling Windows Overlooking the Pool

With the multiple glass panel windows that face your swimming pool, this living room is an entertaining place to be. The abstract art and contemporary furniture pieces make it more than just functional; they provide a stimulating background for all types of gatherings!

15. Window “Wall” Adds a Contemporary Look

The modern minimalistic living room has a large glass panel “wall” that provides views toward the garden. A fireplace, big screen and several seating areas will make this place ideal for an event or hangout with friends!

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