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Kitchen Window Ideas

Kitchen window ideas? We’ve got them! Large kitchen windows from Replacement Window Center can be a strategic point of view for your space. There are many different styles and designs of kitchen windows, so decide which elements are most important to you before choosing or speak to one of our designers. Also, review your kitchen layout and structural points in your home to see if you can expand your existing windows.

Bay Windows

One of the typical ways to open up a kitchen is to add a large bay window. Whether it is an angled bay, a box bay, or a bay with a window seat, the bay window will enhance the room with more natural light and make the kitchen feel brighter and bigger.

Other ideas for large kitchen window styles include box and angled bays. They are available as a preassembled in-stock option, but either could be a custom creation. While this will give you unique options in size and design considerations, it also means that it will cost more if you decide custom is for you.

A large angled bay is probably the most popular window that comes to mind when someone says “bay window.” A bigger angled bay extends the interior of your kitchen and is finished as an expansion of the floor area. An additional benefit could be a built-in window seat to accommodate more guests.

A box bay is rectangular and very versatile. Not only will a box bay add an abundance of light to the kitchen, but it will also maximize the amount of floor space added. The beauty of the bay options is that they reach out to the landscape, bringing in views as well as natural light.

Floor To Ceiling Windows

Large floor-to-ceiling windows are a grand solution for combined kitchen, dining, and living spaces that can absorb a large amount of natural light while ultimately capitalizing on the view. A dramatic wall of windows in an expansive family space also creates a comfortable feeling.

Whatever large window design you choose for your kitchen, keep in mind you will dramatically change the style and function of your kitchen. It can be a most impactful and impressive investment for one of the busiest rooms in your home.

Modern Kitchen Window Ideas

Review your kitchen layout and structural points in your home to see if you can add a kitchen window or expand your existing kitchen windows to allow in more natural light.

Any window you choose can come in different materials. The most popular are wood, vinyl, and aluminum. If your kitchen design requires a particular type of window to match your style, look for window options that provide the highest quality, top energy rating, and best overall window for your budget.

To protect your entire kitchen from too much sun, look for window solutions that have a protective quality. Today, most kitchen windows come with an energy rating to help you understand the money you will be saving on heat & electricity bills.

Replacement kitchen window styles can be a stock option or, if it needs to be a custom window, each should fit perfectly. Some of the more common kitchen windows are casement windows, bay and bow windows, and garden windows.

Casementbow, and bay kitchen windows are the most popular choices for any kitchen that needs more natural light. Large kitchen windows are a great way to add elegance to your space. Installing casement, bow or bay windows is an impressive way to enhance your kitchen’s appeal. They are larger and more open than double-hung windows. If you have a beautiful view, these are options that will also make the room feel larger by bringing in the view along with natural light.

Replacement Window Center garden windows are also popular kitchen windows. They require a very small amount of room but provide extra shelf space and light. Garden windows are much like a small greenhouse extending from your kitchen. A garden window is the equivalent of getting a grand bay window but in a small, compact size. If you have a small kitchen where space is limited or you are running out of counter space, a garden window is a good solution.

Small Kitchen Window Design Ideas

Natural light makes a space feel larger, but if you have small kitchen windows this can be a challenge. The first thing to consider when searching ideas for kitchen windows is to that you’ll want to maximize the natural light you do have by keeping the window treatments minimal.

A fabric valance works well as a kitchen window treatment and softens the architecture of a kitchen window while adding a finished feeling to it—but not sacrificing any light. If you do have a need for privacy, an opaque shade or window film will allow for maximum diffused light.

Making small kitchen windows productive in your kitchen can be a multi-layered solution that involves “tricking” the eye. Perception can be manipulated so as to make the space seem brighter and bigger than it truly is. Consider replacing solid cabinet doors with glass door fronts. This will draw the eye into the cabinets by creating a deeper perspective. It will also open the room as the walls will feel farther away. Clutter makes any room seem crowded, and what was behind the solid cabinet doors will now be exposed, even showcased. Recessed lighting in the cabinets will help to create depth and enhance the small window by creating the illusion of more windows.

Other considerations if you have a small kitchen window is the reflective surfaces in your kitchen. Stainless steel, ceramic or glass tiles subtly amplify the effects of natural and artificial light, thus making the kitchen seem larger.

White reflects light and is a great solution if you have small kitchen windows. When you paint everything white, not only are you reflecting more light from the window, you also create a seamless space with no edges. There is nothing to stop your eye, which also enhances the sense of space. To layer in shade and shadow use several shades of white or mix in textures if you feel an all-white kitchen would feel too sterile.

If your kitchen’s interior design includes color, a monochromatic theme will also work. Very similar to the white impression, when there is little difference between colors of the walls, the cabinets, and the countertops, your eye will skim over the surfaces searching for a place to rest. When semi-gloss or a subtle sheen is added to the paint, it reflects more light and distributes it; and the result tricks you into thinking you have more light and the kitchen is more expansive. The added benefit is that you’ll also have a comfortable and serene environment.

Another way to overcome a small kitchen window in your kitchen is by installing skylights. This sun-bathed effect can be a simple way to achieve more natural light.

Kitchen Windows Should be Easy to Use

Sometimes your kitchen window is above your sink or counter tops. It’s already a chore to reach them. You don’t want them to be difficult to open too.

You want a kitchen window that’s easy to open. Preferably, you be able to open them with one finger. That way, no matter how short you are or how deep your sink/counter tops are, you can still open your kitchen window.

Get the Best Air Circulation

What’s the main purpose of your kitchen? To cook food of course. When you cook, you’re bound to create different smells and smoke.

It would be silly not to get replacement kitchen windows that give you complete control over your home’s air circulation. After all, the last thing you want is the smoke detector going off!

You want to open your windows and get some fresh air into your home. You’ll also want to let some of the smoke and steam out while cooking.

It can also get warm in your kitchen when you’re cooking. Open your windows and enjoy the fresh air.

Your Kitchen Windows Have to Look Good

What’s the point of making a home improvement if it doesn’t look good?

You don’t want mismatched, ugly windows. You want something that looks great both inside and out. Being able to customize the look of your perfect kitchen window is important.

You want them to match the walls in your kitchen and your home’s exterior as well as any dark wood cabinets or light wood cabinets.

You Want a Lot of Light in Your Kitchen

Do you think it’s a good idea to be cutting vegetables with a sharp knife in the dark?

Absolutely not! Nobody likes a dark kitchen.

Large windows in a kitchen are key to letting the most natural light into your home. You’ll be able to see everything you’re doing. You can achieve this with the right kithen window from Replacement Window Center.

Having large windows also makes the room feel larger and more open.

Kitchen Window Treatments

Contemporary kitchen window treatments offer a solution of balancing a kitchen’s hard edges with a soft approach. Whatever window coverings you choose, they should enhance your kitchen’s style, color and design.

Contemporary is a dynamic, changing term. The basic definition of contemporary is “of the moment.” Contemporary styles allow for more freedom and trends. Considering there are endless possibilities for contemporary window treatments, the shape and style of a kitchen window along with a budget will help you determine the scope of the project.

Anything near a stove or sink can absorb odors and soak up spatter. The material for a kitchen window covering can make the difference in how easy it is to maintain your new window treatments. For example, you can launder fabric draperies and other performance materials. You can also wipe down synthetic blinds, shutters, and solar shades with soapy water. But wood blinds and shutters have to be cleaned and conditioned with wood cleaner, which can be more tedious.

A modern kitchen is clean, effortless and minimalistic. Window treatments made from a variety of materials in a range of colors and styles create versatility among contemporary kitchen window treatment ideas. The contemporary style celebrates bold, bright and unexpected uses of color and materials. If your kitchen is particularly small, then light, cool colors can make it look larger and brighter; dark, warm colors can make an oversized kitchen feel more balanced and inviting. Geometric patterns or asymmetrical styles can create a stunning visual impact. Solid colors that complement or contrast the other colors in your kitchen will draw your eye to the kitchen window; beige or cream color palettes absolutely shine with a striking contrast of royal blue or purple accents.

If privacy is a concern, have you thought to perform a quick check before starting your project? Turn on the lights in the kitchen one evening and venture outside to see what others can view through your kitchen window. For privacy, look for screening materials that let you see out but allow some daylight to pass while blocking views from the outside. Roman shades and roller shades made from translucent or woven materials have a contemporary feeling, or you might try sheer fabric curtain panels. Frosted vinyl is also a simple, affordable solution that’s a good design fix for a kitchen window that requires both privacy and light.

Consider adding a valance or cornice to update an existing window treatment. Sheer drapes are especially effective for larger windows or French doors. Select drapes with limited pleating to avoid creating an overwhelming treatment of folds, colors and patterns. Opt for drapery panels that can be secured to simple curtain rods, free of ornate embellishments, which allow large loops of fabrics that are not ruched or pleated like traditional curtains.

For the most personalized effect, choose resources that express your lifestyle: materials, texture, colors and design.

Replacement Window Center’s design team can provide you with many resources and ideas to bring your kitchen to life with the right modern kitchen window ideas. We’ll show you how our kitchen windows will accentuate every design in your home such as granite countertops, marble countertops, or wood countertops, stainless steel appliances, a dark wood floor and different backsplash designs you may be using such as stone slab backsplash, subway tile backsplash, or any type of kitchen sink

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