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As we start the new year you may and thinking about what home improvements you want to make this year. If new windows are at the top of your list but a little scary to dive into, we get that. However, don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from one of the best changes you can make to your home. Now is the perfect time to take the new window journey!

Here’s why –

Overall Cost of Borrowing is Low – If you choose our trusted lender for financing your new windows or another option, the cost of borrowing overall is low. But that may not be so much longer. Although the Federal Reserve isn’t planning a large rate increase all at once, they are planning three in 2022. Consider a cash-out refinance if you have several home improvement projects in addition to window replacement. To easily apply for financing, simply go to your nearest dealer’s location page and click on the “financing options” button.

Great Time for New Windows is the Winter – It’s the overall assumption to not contact a window company until the spring or summer. In the spring when you try to open your windows they either don’t open easily or won’t stay open. In the summer you can feel the heat coming in. However, since not as many people think to get replacement windows in the winter, wait times are generally shorter which means you’ll enjoy the benefits sooner.

Many Benefits – Most people only think about their lower energy bills. However, if you’ve not thought about the other benefits, they include:

· Less strain on your HVAC system

· Increased curb appeal

· More comfortable home

· Reduced home maintenance

· Better resale value should you sell your home

Contact Us Today – Stop putting off installing new windows & contact Replacement Window Center today! Call, text or fill out our contact form online. We’ll help you choose the right windows without the high-pressure sales approach of other window companies. Contact your local Replacement Window Center Dealer –https://replacementwindowcenter.com/locations/


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