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Maximize Space

A double hung window is one way to increase your space in your home. A double hung window has two sashes and both sashes tilt, the whole window can be raised or lowered with ease and without sacrificing any of your privacy! This window can make your home comfortable and the best selling window at all Replacment Window Center locations.

Double Hung Windows Are Easy To Clean

The exterior surfaces are simple for you (or even the kids) to wipe off daily if needed while cleaning inside because they offer very easy access. Double hung windows offer easy cleaning as you can clean both the inside and outside when you have your double hung windows open via the convenient tilt in sashes.

Double hung windows are an excellent choice for traditional homes. The simple grille pattern adds to the charm, bringing just enough detail without being too overwhelming or clutter-like in appearance! Explore all of your options below with guidance from our experts at Window and Door Specialties who know these types of windows. After all, double hung windows are our most popular window!

You can add a fresh new look to your home with double hung windows. They are perfect for homes that have pets or children because they open from the bottom up and top down, which is safer than other types of window treatments like single hung windows or casement windows.

OK, How Much Do They Cost?

Double hung window replacement prices vary depending on many factors, such as what style you want and the material. Find out how much it would cost for your new windows by getting a price quote from an expert at Window and Door Specialties that will come to measure at no cost to you! Our team can make great recommendations as we thoroughly understand this type of window replacement.

Is Your House Suited For Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are our most popular window style and are a great choice for most homes including cape cods, colonials, victorians, craftsman homes, ranch homes, cottages, farmhouses, or tudors, and they can also add character to your property. A grid pattern on the outside of these types will help transform it from generic looking into something more custom and individualized!

Double Hung Windows Can Be Customized

Our double hung windows don’t just keep the weather outside where it belongs – they also provide a stylish new look for your home or office. In fact, our double hung windows are shipped directly from the manufacturer for quick installation so that you can start enjoying the fresh air sooner. You can customize your windows by picking out the right glass package for your home. Some of our most popular glass package options include: low-E glass, and argon gas between the panes. They also come in a variety of exterior colors as well as provide other design options.

You’ve Got Options

In addition to providing added beauty and insulation benefits, our vinyl double hung windows feature:

  1. High Energy Glass Package – provides increased energy efficiency and allows you to enjoy a clear view of the outdoors thanks to the approximate 88 percent light transmission.
  2. Window and Door Specialties Noise Reduction Glass Package – offers increased insulation and sound reduction that reduces outside noise up to 40 percent. It also provides a great clear view , without compromising energy efficiency.
  3. Low-E Glass Package – provides an insulating layer of air between two panes of glass to reduce heat loss by up to 50 percent while still maintaining a clear view through the glass. This package can be paired with insulating window frames for added weatherproofing. Our replacement windows are manufactured here in the United States under ISO 9001 quality guidelines – so you know that every part is made correctly, every time.

If double hung windows aren’t coming to mind when you consider the options available, it may be time to start thinking about them. These windows are an ideal choice for replacing older single hung and double paned windows that were not built with energy efficiency in mind. A double hung window can help contribute to more efficient energy savings while still maintaining old-house charm and functionality.

Energy Savings Opportunities With A Double Hung Window

Double pane windows were often used for cold climate homes where homeowners wanted to reduce heat loss through their window by adding two layers of air between the glass panels (inner and outer). This worked well in cold climates because double panes of glass provide better insulation than a single pane of glass.

However, double pane windows are not as well suited to hot climates because double paned windows often trap air between the double layers of glass which can result in overheating. Double hung windows provide energy efficiency without trapping that air inside the window.

This is especially important for Carolina homeowners who want to reduce heat transfer through their window without compromising on light and air flow during the hot summer months. This window can also help reduce heating costs in the winter. Yes, double hung windows are very energy efficient.

Double Hung Windows Let In The Sunshine

Have you ever wanted a little bit more natural sunlight coming into your home? If so, a double hung window is the perfect choice! These windows have two sashes that move up and down vertically instead of being stacked side by side like double pane windows. This allows for better airflow when opened at various levels while still providing insulating double panes of glass. This can also vastly improve your heating and cooling costs.

The double sashes on double hung windows are either made of wood or vinyl, however double hung windows can also be found in aluminum with double pane glass. Each option is durable and provides better insulation than older single pane windows which allows homeowners to reduce their reliance on air conditioning by letting more natural light into their home.

Add Security and Kill The Noise

While double hung windows do not offer the same level of noise reduction as double pane windows, they still help cut down on outside noise levels for a more quiet environment. These energy efficient replacement windows come standard with security locks so you can lock up your home securely when you’re out having fun! Better sound insulation means you won’t have to turn the TV as loud to hear it inside your home.

Double Hung vs Single Hung Windows

Here, we will explore the differences between single-hung and double hung windows. You may be wondering what these terms mean or how they can affect your home style? In order to help you find out more about each type of window before making any decisions on which ones would work best for YOUR needs we’ve compiled some important information below!

A Single Hung Window

Single hung windows provide a great way to ventilate your home and make it more comfortable. A single-sash window, also known as an “single hung” provides ventilation through its bottom section which moves up or down depending on what you need at that moment; while the top part remains stationary so dust doesn’t sneak inside like it would if there was no closure between them .

Which Window is More Expensive?

The price of single-hung windows is typically less expensive than double hung windows. Because there are fewer moving parts and they tend not to require as much to manufacture the single hung window which can make your wallet happy. However, you do sacrifice the many benefits of a double hung window mentioned above.

5 Considerations For Choosing a Double Hung or Single Hung Window

1.) Cleaning

There are many benefits to cleaning your windows on a regular basis. Cleaning one single-hung or double hung window at home is easy – simply spray the glass with solution and wipe clean using either microfiber cloths, lint free sheets of paper towel etc., then wash away any excess moisture from around hardware before drying thoroughly outside their frame in order for them not be damaged by corrosion build up due both factors being exposed elements like water vapor which can cause rusting over time as well natural ones such us weather conditions leading grime accumulate faster especially if left unchecked but luckily these issues have been solved thanks

2.) Ventilation

The type of window you choose for your home is important. Single Hung and Double Hung windows both provide adequate ventilation, but the flexibility with which they allow air flow into or out can be difference between them: With a single hung the top sash doesn’t open while the bottom sash will open. There isn’t any way to ventilate through both panels; while those who live in homes equipped with double hung windows have more options available as both panels open!

3.) Energy Savings

Windows are an important element of your home’s energy efficiency. Vinyl Doulbe Hung Windows by Window and Door Specialties are designed especially for keeping energy efficiency at heart while also being cost effective for our customers who are on a budget.

4.) Window Installation

Single hung and double hung windows are available with a variety of installation types depending on the product line you choose. Both window types can be used in new construction homes as well replacement or remodel projects. Window and Door Specialties offers professional window installation no matter which window you choose!

5.) Window Size

When comparing single-hung versus double-hung windows, double-hung windows come in larger sizes, depending on the manufacturer. Both a single or double hung window is available in sizes as small as two feet wide by three feet tall and double hung windows are available as large as a six feet wide by 12 feet tall. With bigger windows, you will have more natural light stream into your home and increased ventilation.

The Style of Your Home Is Important

The single hung and double hung windows are often found in homes with more traditional aesthetic. Single hungs characteristically appear in homes with a historical look, while double hung windows are often found in houses that are colonial, traditional or Victorian.

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