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Santa Claus has an incredible wish list this year! He spends all his time working on other people’s Christmas gifts without ever complaining about wanting something himself. But North Pole insider Dancer spilled the beans and revealed that Santa’s most desired gift are these very items:


The harsh winter months at the North Pole have Santa’s energy bill skyrocketing (not to mention the fact that Mrs. Clause keeps the thermostat up to 85 year round). Santa has asked for new, energy efficient windows with triple pane glass and argon gas for super thermal capabilities. New processes in window manufacturing have made today’s windows much more energy efficient even compared to windows made just 10 years ago. Replacement Window Center carries all types of windows including double hungbay and bowpicturecasementawninggarden, even specialty windows!


Security at the Clause household is vital just as it is at your house. I mean, think about it. He has over 20 billion toys stored at his place and theives from around the globe want them! That’s why Santa is asking for a secure steel door to better protect himself and his family.

As a homeowner, you want to feel safe in your own house. Steel doors provide the utmost protection from break-ins because it’s nearly impossible for thieves to breach these doors.

Steel doors are an excellent choice for energy efficiency, too. Doors that are not very efficient will make your home uncomfortable during chilly winter months (it gets below freezing in the winter months at the North Pole), and you could end up paying higher rates on utility bills because of it. With steel door installation by the door professionals at Replacement Window Center, all these nuisance problems will be solved!

Replacement Window Center carries a wide assortment of doors including front doors and patio doors.


Have you heard the big news about Santa? He doesn’t paint! And with vinyl siding on his house, he doesn’t have to! Vinyl siding cuts down on maintenance to your house in several different ways including the joy of never having to paint again.

Vinyl siding comes in two different flavors which are insulated and uninsulated. What are the differences? Because insulated siding comes with foam backing insulation, the siding is better at energy efficiency which can lower your energy costs. However, it costs a bit more up front. You have to decide if the cost difference in the short term is worth the cost savings in the long term.

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